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Case Studies: Mandarin Oriental and Tottenham Hotspur

In our latest blog post, we’re taking a look at two exciting projects that we’ve worked on recently in London. As renowned logistics experts both in the UK and overseas, we have the opportunity to work on a whole host of thrilling projects. Here, we’ve detailed just two:


Mandarin Oriental

Kings Transport Services Ltd are currently involved in one of the largest, and most expensive, renovation projects in the UK. It’s wonderful that we’ve been able to be a part of such a historical project, helping to develop one of London’s most prestigious hotels.
Mandarin Oriental is situated opposite Hyde Park, and offers a truly special experience for anyone staying there. The five-star luxury hotel is composed of an intriguing blend of timeless fashion and up-to-date style, culminating in an overall effect that’s sure to please every guest that stays there. Robbie Williams was recently staying in the hotel, with other famous faces such as Geoffrey Rush, Morgan Freeman, and Christoph Waltz also frequenting the global hotel chain. In London’s Mandarin Oriental alone, there are 141 rooms and 40 suites.
Unfortunately, the hotel is currently closed due to a fire that broke out in June this year. The damage is mainly to the courtyard, with minimal impact on the interior, and they hope to re-open in the final quarter of 2018.

Our involvement

Kings have acquired a great deal of trust and experience over the years when it comes to moving delicate and expensive items. With that in mind, we were always confident that we’d do an excellent job of helping with Mandarin Oriental’s renovations.
We were initially brought into the project on a 3-month contract, supplying 2 lorries a day (1 during the day, 1 at night). Furniture for the hotel was shipped from all over the world, so we were required to unload and store the items at a number of confidential locations. Our workers, some of whom have been with Kings for over 20 years, then transported the items throughout the 9 story building, often requiring specialist lifting equipment to do so. The final stage in any given task was the assembly and positioning of the furniture … which was a bit more challenging than making up an Ikea wardrobe!


Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium


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In addition to our work on Mandarin Oriental, we have been heavily involved in the construction of Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, one of the largest building projects currently in the UK.
We’ve spoken before about our FORS Silver accreditation, and in this case that was a requirement. As FORS assues the highest levels of health and safety, incredible efficiency, and an exceptionally green approach to projects, it’s no surprise that such a significant project listed the qualification as a requirement. On top of this, however, was the requirement for all of our workers on the site to attend a 2 week health and safety training course, and for us to have a CSCS qualification.
The site is also subject to some of the highest security levels we have experienced – fingerprint access and an additional one-day induction to the site were required for all 150 of the people on site. We’ve been supplying 3 artic lorries per day for a whole month, and the actual work carried out is a real treat for any Spurs fan – the Manager’s desk, physio bed, and the Kestrel all required moving!
All transport inside the stadium has to be zero emissions, and specialist trailers are required to ensure the greenest of processes.

Want to hear more?

Hopefully our recent projects have sparked some interest in the work that we do – but we’re not limited to these two examples! We’re constantly striving for new, challenging projects and are always searching for that next big test of our credentials.
You can get in touch or enquire with us on 0800 083 8340, or fill out one of our online contact forms. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Kings Transport acquires Ningbo London

Both entities will now trade under Kings Transport Holdings Limited to highlight their unity. We’re proud to be partnering with the renowned Palletline business, and we can’t wait to improve our logistics services together.

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