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Five Tips for Moving House

Here at Kings Transport Services Ltd, we completely understand what a stress moving house can be. One of the English language’s biggest clichés is concerned with the stress of moving house, but clichés generally come about because they’re founded on truth! Therefore, as a removal company ourselves, we thought we would offer five of our best tips for moving house; we’ve seen plenty of people go through the process over the years.


Organise early

Getting organised early is extremely important, and that’s why it’s first on our list of tips for moving house. It really does take a lot of last minute stress away if you can have everything packed, and as much as possible planned, in advance.


Start with the items you don’t need

This point might be an obvious one, but don’t pack anything that you use frequently too early in the packing process: leave these items until last. Instead, pack items that sit on shelves or rarely get used to begin with, leaving you less time to have to live without your favourite book, your cutlery, or your TV.


See what fits

If you can check to see whether various pieces of furniture fit through all of the necessary doorways, that will go a long way to keeping everything running smoothly during moving day. If items don’t fit, then breaking them down yourself, or notifying the removal company, will speed things up significantly.


Retain some order

Packing one room’s contents at a time, and keeping the relevant boxes in their respective rooms, is very important. It will not only reduce the amount of lifting you have to do yourself, but will also ensure that your removal company knows exactly where everything needs to go. Communicating effectively with a removal company is crucial when moving house, and can save you a lot of time at the other end when you’ve completed the move.


Keep your essentials back

Similarly to our second point, last on our list of tips for moving house comes the essentials bag. Keeping items you know you’ll need as soon as you arrive, or during the move, in holdalls and rucksacks will allow you to keep track of where they are, and get access to them when you need. The last thing you need when you arrive in your new home is to be searching desperately for a toothbrush, after all.


Kings Transport Services Ltd

We hope that our list of tips for moving house has been useful for you. Our checklist should provide you with an effective starting point, and remind you of some of the most important points to consider. When it comes to removal services, we are the premier choice for movers throughout essex, Hertford, Harlow and the surrounding areas. We are FACT certified, and we operate under the Road Haulage Association (RHA) – these accreditations provide our customers with the assurance that our operations are fully approved, and our services of the very highest quality.
For more information about how Kings Transport Services Ltd could help you through your move, please visit the domestic removals section of our website. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 083 8340 or fill out one of our online contact forms to speak with a member of our team.

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