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FORS Membership Ensures a Safer and Greener Way

A FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) membership offers a large number of benefits. Chief among these is the fact that the scheme trains staff to help increase their safety and bolster the company’s environmental awareness.

Here at Kings Transport Services Ltd we’re members of FORS, so we thought it would be worth explaining why.


Road safety

Having a FORS membership gives you access to a range of courses and training opportunities. This access, in turn, should help your company’s drivers become safer on the roads. The company has to adhere to a wide range of procedures and prove that it effectively manages a business. The subsequent audit then determines whether you pass or not, allowing you to qualify for bronze, silver, then gold membership.

While we don’t have time to delve too deeply into the specifics of this training here, it’s worth considering a membership if you’d like your company to be recognised in such a way. It’s not rocket science – people are generally more likely to go for a company they know to be safe than one without any such accreditations.


Environmental considerations

As we mentioned in our introduction, another huge benefit of being members of FORS is the environmental training they offer. They offer education in the best practices for the environment when it comes to road travel and transportation. Again, as the condition of our planet is a hot topic right now, it makes sense to be clear that you’re taking these issues seriously. A FORS membership allows you to do exactly that. The economic driving that FORS encourages also helps reduce fuel costs, providing all the more reason to become members.


Other benefits

The benefits of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme aren’t limited to the two we’ve focused on in this piece, either. For example, the simple fact that FORS is a recognised body helps all of its members stand out. A company with accreditations is always likely to appear more trustworthy and reputable than one without any, that’s just common sense.

For anyone who understands the hard work and organisation required to achieve FORS accreditations, it’s a no-brainer to choose a company with an affiliation. It is, however, worth emphasising just how hard it is to qualify for these memberships. A silver FORS membership requires significantly more work than bronze, and the jump to gold is of similar proportions. Kings Transport Services Ltd are silver members, and the work we’ve put into achieving this recognition has been significant!

If you’re concerned about meeting minimum legal requirements in regard to your transportation, FORS also have you covered. They’ll ensure that your vehicles comply with the latest standards, and advise you to make any improvements as necessary.


Finally, FORS also keep its members up to date with industry news and, therefore, potential opportunities for improvements.

Clearly, a FORS membership provides a whole host of benefits. To find out more about how we’ve worked alongside them, feel free to get in touch. You should also head over to the FORS website to find out more about what they have to offer.


An image of the FORS silver membership obtained by Kings Transport Services Ltd

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