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What Makes Kings Removals The Company You Should Trust With Your Removals in Epping?

At Kings Removals, we put quality service at the forefront of everything we do.

Family Run Business

Still owned and managed today by the King family and Partners, Kings Removals cares and brings many years of experience and quality customer service to the table.

Flexibility To Suit You

We work at a time that suits you. Our priority is your staff, equipment and essential paperwork so you can quickly be up and running at your new location with our efficient removals in Epping.

We Serve Multiple Sectors

We have vast experience in dealing with different industry sectors, including removals in Chelmsford, and are able to adapt our service to the required area of expertise.

Safety Is Everything

Safety and security of your items is guaranteed with us taking all the necessary steps when it comes to our removals in Epping, including free packing materials, to protect your goods during transit.

Utilising The Latest Technology

For efficiency and safety we use the latest technology and equipment to keep in line with current and future legislation and allow you to track the progress of your move with Kings Removals.

Quality Assurance

Our removal services in Epping are underpinned by leading accreditations, including Fleet Operator Recognition Service (FORS) Silver status and ISO9001 Quality Assurance certification.

We Tailor Your Removals in Epping to Suit You

Step 1: Contact and Quotation

Tell us your exact requirements and receive a competitive, tailored quotation from Kings Removals. 

You can complete an itinerary online with your requirements or one of our experienced estimators can visit you and discuss removal options in person.

Step 2: Packing and Removal

Packing and removing your items to ensure they are protected and careful removal of your items. 

Domestic and Commercial removals with part of full packing services at Kings Removals, including specialised packing. Advice sheet available for those looking to self-pack.

Step 3: Storage and Arrival

Your items safely transported to their new location, safe arrival and unloading of your items.

We provide secure ambient storage and our Kings Removals vehicles are perfectly matched to the items we are entrusted to move on your behalf.

Tailor-Made Removals in Epping & Relocation Options

We put quality service and reliability at the heart of everything we do, whether we’re helping you with domestic, commercial or overseas moves.

Domestic Removals

A highly personal service where our team will treat your belongings moved as if they were their own during our removals in Epping. We understand the importance of your possessions and the need to move these safely.

Commercial Removals

Kings Removals provide bespoke commercial removals at a time of your choosing to minimise disruption to your daily work and ensure the smooth transition to your new location.

Office Removals

Professional office relocations and removal services in Epping, with our service tailored to the individual needs of your business, including the safe moving of IT equipment.

International Removals

Over 20 years of experience providing removal services for those looking to relocate overseas. Kings Removals take care of all your items and the tricky red tape so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

We run a full range of removal services, both domestic and commercial, and are able to offer these locally, nationally or to transport overseas.

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Need International Relocation?

With regular UK, European and International removal services experience, we make overseas moves much more convenient and stress-free.

Wide range of services

We have access to resources to move you to any country worldwide. We’ve successfully relocated thousands, particularly in France and Spain (where we also have storage facilities).

Extra care

We take great care with your possessions, from expert packing, handling and loading, and then safe transit of your items on their overseas journey.


Exceptional level of service

We’ll assign you a single point of contact who will oversee every aspect of your move so you can have confidence that everything will arrive when you expect it at your new location.

Competitive pricing

Depending on your requirements, we can provide a choice of transit option as part of our removals overseas service. You’ll find an option to suit your timelines and budget.

Our dedicated team of house removal specialists in Epping
are ready to take care of every step of your upcoming move.

More About Our Removal Services

Domestic Removals

We give your move the care you deserve

We realise the importance to our customers of getting your items moved safely, securely and swiftly. Our quality service and attention to detail is unrivalled.

Commercial Removals

Trouble-free moves to new places of business

Minimising disruption to your business is paramount. We ensure the smooth transition to your new location and specialise in arranging 24 hour removals with our partners.


Storage solutions made easy for you

Our self storage facilities are ideal for both domestic and commercial use and provide a convenient and flexible way of storing goods, sometimes at short notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each and every house move is different, so your quotation will be matched to your specific requirements. We offer a range of services in Epping including removal and storage options for you to choose from. Location, packaging, and size of your move, are just some of the factors that will be taken into account when arriving at your quote so you’ll need to provide accurate info to us when you first get in touch.

Although we are able to provide removal services nationally, we typically provide services to people locally in areas including Essex, Bishops Stortford, Canary Wharf, Chigwell, Loughton, Buntingford, Braintree,Hertfordshire, Hoddesdon, Epping, Harlow, Saffron Walden,Chelmsford and Cambridge.

We offer specialist removal services in Epping, covering the transportation of large or valuable items like pianos, fine art and antiques. Our team has the knowledge, packing skills and equipment to carry out such moves without risk of damage to your cherished items.

Most domestic moves we will aim to complete in a day. Depending on the distance required to travel, it may be that the bulk of time is taken up transporting possessions from one house to another. We will usually look to use a vehicle that allows us to make the move in one trip, but there may be occasions where multiple trips are required.
Regarding goods in transit, we offer insurance cover for UK, European and International moves. We will cover you up to £50,000, but you must tell us if the value of your items is over this amount, in order that you can have suitable insurance cover.
We can store items for you for as long as you wish and you can access it whenever you are back in the country. Additionally, we can arrange for your items to be transported overseas when the time comes that you want to move your items permanently to your new location.