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How to Pack a Large Mirror for Moving

If you’re here on this article, you’ve likely got a move coming up and are rightfully concerned that your large mirror may be a victim of the transition. Items that break the most easily during a house move tend to be made of either glass or ceramic. Each of these fragile materials comes in different shapes and sizes, and each has its specialised way of being packed. This is especially true for large mirrors, and since they can sometimes be worth hundreds, or even of great sentimental value, it’s worth putting in the extra effort to keep them safe. 

How do you package a glass mirror?

Here at King’s Removals, we believe that customer satisfaction and convenience should be among our highest priorities. That’s why, when you are looking to move, we can send out packaging materials on request. Feel free to use this option to receive some high-quality packaging that will ensure the safety of your items, including mirrors. 

Unfortunately, a normal box isn’t going to be enough of a guarantee for something as fragile as a mirror. Most moving boxes are designed with equal dimensions regardless of size. Mirrors don’t take up a lot of horizontal space, however, meaning you’d either need to fill that space with other items or enough packaging material (likely a lot) to shield the mirror from movement.

That’s why we recommend the aptly named “Mirror Boxes”, which are long but thin cardboard boxes designed specifically to protect mirrors during transit. These boxes consist of four individual pieces of cardboard that have a system of interlocking joints. This allows you to essentially adjust the size of the parcels to suit your mirror. 

As for what size suits your mirror, you should aim to have a box that would leave about a third of its volume free, so you can fill it with packing material. Make sure you fill enough so that the mirror doesn’t move whilst inside the box, especially the face of the mirror. It’s for this reason you should not use packing peanuts. Technically, you can create a mirror box yourself by putting together cardboard boxes manually. 

Boxing your Mirror

You can get the mirror out of harm’s way and box it with your other belongings in a low-use room as soon as you get your hands on a mirror box. The fewer unticked articles on your to-do list in the face of a move, the better. Nonetheless, before you pack your mirror away, there are a couple of important things to do. 

First, taping. In the sad event that your mirror doesn’t make it, the last thing you want is glass all over the place for you to have to dispose of. To prevent this, get some tape and lay down two intersection lines (draw an X) across the glass face. If the glass breaks, it will be caught by the sticky tape and be easier to clean up. 

Secondly, if your mirror has sharp corner edges or just 90-degree edges period, you need to have the material in place to protect them. We recommend cutting some cardboard into a groove that can shield the corners.  

Now, for boxing the mirror…

  • First,  lay a sheet of packing paper on the ground, and then place a piece of cardboard large enough to cover your mirror on top of it.  
  • Place your mirror on top of that same cardboard so that it covers the entirety of its back, and then place a second equally long piece on top.  
  • Then, wrap up the sandwiched mirror like a Christmas present with the sheet of packaging material you laid down.  
  • Finally, for the last bit of extra protection, you’ll want to make use of bubble wrap and give the packaged mirror a second layer of armour.  
  • With this done, you should use some more packaging material and cushion the bottom of the mirror box.  
  • Now you’re ready at long last to get the mirror inside. Do this by sliding it gently, horizontally, into the box, and then lifting it vertically, and filling the empty spaces with packaging material.  
  • After filling the box, you should give it a few customary lights shakes to see if there’s any movement inside. If you feel the mirror shift, then you need to add more packaging paper. But bear in mind not to package the thing too tight.  
  • Your final job, perhaps one of the most important, is to mark the box. Marking it “Fragile” is not enough. You need to also make sure to mark the box warning the movers not to lay it down flat. If you don’t, then other boxes could be mistakenly placed on top of the mirror and the pressure could cause the glass to shatter. 


With your packing work done, when it comes to your move, it is advisable to have a chat with the removal experts when they arrive. Having all of your fragile boxes in one place will simplify the process as they will know which items, including your mirror, they will need to take extra care with.

Contact King’s Removals today for a service guaranteed to get your items at their new location in perfect condition. 


How to Pack a Large Mirror for Packing

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