Kings Removals and Storage

Princess Alexander Hospital

Client Requirements:

  • Having undertaken a number of projects for the NHS in recent years, Kings Transport Services were asked to assist with the response to COVID for our local hospitals including the Princess Alexander Hospital in Harlow.
  • NHS Project Director required support in relocating hospital storerooms to set up additional ward capacity, and co-ordinate additional secure storage onsite and off-site.
  • Secure storage and distribution of PPE paramount.
  • Distribution lead times short and unscheduled, responsive service required.


Services Offered By Kings Removal Services:
Key elements of the project included co-ordination of various sub departments to ensure the most efficient, safe and secure relocation and storage of goods

  • Considerations included minimal disruption with maximum safety for hospital staff and patients, and the safety of our Kings team
  • Full tracking for all elements, for security and management of stock control
  • Responsive, flexible service due to unpresented requirements and unscheduled resources
  • Full COVID secure procedures introduced, and audited, in line with government and hospital requirements
  • Full briefing and debriefing each day to ensure our staff were happy with process and procedures in place


The project involved the relocation and storage of;

  • PPE
  • Lab equipment – bench-top and freestanding equipment
  • Furniture – Furniture needed to be de-commissioned, and re-commissioned
  • General hospital resources
  • Filing cabinets and other data storage
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Personal belongings of staff

We have been, and still are so proud of our staff in the response to COVID. Our industry has faced huge challenges throughout the pandemic with the industry up tick over 60% capacity, compounded by driver shortages and isolation rules.

Kings Removal Services will remain to be a fully committed and supportive partner for our most valuable resource, the NHS. Our support for the Trusts continue beyond the Crisis help for this ever evolving service.

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