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Advantages of Using Storage When Moving House

Occasionally, moving house is a little more complicated than simply packing up, moving out, and moving in. All sorts of hold-ups are common; from handover issues to the mixing up of dates, it is entirely normal for something to go wrong. If one of those issues happens to be that you are left without accommodation for a while, having the option of storage can be incredibly useful. Here, we take a brief look at some of the advantages storage can bring when you’re moving house.


Less stress

Possibly the emotion most associated with moving house, stress is something that should be reduced wherever possible. Using storage facilities during that in-between state can help do exactly that. A good storage company will take almost everything out of your hands and leave you (relatively) free of worry. Knowing that your valued possessions are in safe hands and easily accessible is invaluable during the moving process.



Having the option to use storage when moving house allows you to plan with a lot more flexibility. If, for example, you’re planning to buy a house and need to save up for a few months while you live elsewhere, keeping your furniture or bulky belongings in storage solves one more potential problem.



Storage companies will keep your belongings safe. Generally, you (or anyone you designate) will be the only one with access, and the containers will be locked at all times, protected by advanced security measures. Making the most of storage when moving house leaves you safe in the knowledge that your possessions are your responsibility and that of a professional company, and no-one else’s.


Logistically simple

If you so choose, certain storage companies will take care of all of the logistics for you. That includes transporting everything you have in a safe, secure manner. Not only does this save significantly on petrol, time and effort, for you, but it likely means that your possessions will be a lot safer while on the road.


Other reasons

As well as moving house, there are other times when storage can come in handy. Storage can be useful for: storing seasonal furniture; keeping large pieces of sports equipment safe; storing student housing furniture; or simply putting your belongings into storage while you’re abroad.


Kings Transport Services Ltd

If these arguments for using storage when moving house have both made sense and are applicable to you, contact Kings Transport Services Ltd. We are an extremely experienced company with a wealth of professionals who understand storage; we are FACT certified, providing you with the assurance that our services are of the utmost quality, and we operate our storage services under the RHA (Road Haulage Association). That we are associated with such a renowned professional organisation demonstrates that we meet universal industry standards.


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