Kings Removals and Storage

Ukraine Humanitarian Operation

I was asked to visit Epping Forest District Council offices and check in on the logistics supporting the Ukraine Humanitarian Operation.

When arriving, I was hit by a flurry of activity. Everyone, from every generation, knowing the task in hand, sorting, packing and labelling everyday item.

Everywhere I looked nappies, baby clothes, pet food and bedding laid alongside army surplus items, bullet proof vests, first aid and medical supplies. Baby clothes next to a helmet and bullet proof vests. Just wrong.

Walking around the corner, the Kings team, were being helped by another army of volunteers to pack up our lorries – yesterday’s convoy were transporting the first load of donations for those fighting on the front line, today’s load taking every day items into store ready for the refugees. The idea to create family welcome packs when arriving.

Welcomed by the organiser Melanie, I stepped inside another office space, full to the brim of donations. On the large table in front of me she explained the paperwork laid out each needing translation and the scope of organisation needed.

Melanie took me around the corner explaining about the military items for the civilian officers and army taken to the White Eagle Club, who are working with the Polish Embassy. She stated that this area was full 2 days ago, sorted and checked for the removal of the British flag; and that all items here had been flown last night to the Ukraine ready for those men and women fighting for their country. I was blown away by the sheer size, speed and detail of this operation.

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